Livable Frederick:


My plan is simple -

       More Jobs, Not More Houses

  • Livable Frederick is based on a shared community vision with an action plan to make that vision a reality. We can grow well while we protect and preserve what we value about Frederick like our rich history and our agricultural heritage.


  • Residential growth must pay its way, its fair share, so existing residents are not stuck with a financial burden.

  • Residential growth must be timed with our ability to provide needed schools, roads, and essential services.


Restored Trust in Government

Citizens have a right to know what their government is doing and to be assured that decisions are being made in their best interest.

Together we can be PROUD to have:


    • Eliminated conflicts of interest and restored penalties for serious violations

    • Elected officials cannot profit from their position.

  • ONLY independent appointment process for members of our Ethics Commission in the state of Maryland.


Absolutely NO
Tax Increases

Earned 1st ever AAA Bond Rating
from all three rating agencies

  • Saving taxpayers millions of dollars

  • One of fewer than 50 counties in the nation with three AAA ratings

Fought to protect taxpayers from bad deals of prior administration.

  • Saved millions by avoiding the bad deal to sell Citizens and Montevue

  • Ended privatization that was costing taxpayers more

Frederick County government is living within its means.