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Frederick County executive candidate Jan Gardner

County Executive Jan Gardner (D) is a candidate for Frederick County executive. The primary election is June 26.

Why are you running for office?

I am running to deliver exceptional schools, safe communities, a thriving economy and a high quality of life. I pledge to hold the line on taxes, maintain our AAA bond rating and manage residential growth responsibly by timing growth with our ability to provide needed schools, roads and essential services. Development must pay its way to protect taxpayers and our high quality of life. I am proud to have restored honest government and adopted strict ethics laws, saved Citizens and Montevue keeping our promise to our seniors and accelerated school construction. Frederick County citizens deserve good government and quality services.

What is the biggest issue facing Frederick County? How would you address it?

The biggest issue is residential growth and managing the bad land-use decisions made by the prior Board of County Commissioners which were locked down with developer agreements. During my administration, no new residential growth has been approved. I have ended taxpayer giveaways. The Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance has been strengthened and the school “buyout” option ended. I am working hard to provide needed infrastructure that should have been required first and to protect taxpayers from the cost by making sure development pays its way. The Livable Frederick Master Plan puts citizens in charge of our future rather than development interests.

What changes if any would you propose if elected?

As Frederick County’s first County Executive, I am proud to have successfully stood up our new form of Charter Government delivering effective and efficient services, balanced budgets, and a long list of accomplishments. In my second term, I would like to engage more citizens to participate, improve the public understanding of charter government and make county government more nimble and more responsive to citizens through the use of technology and online access to services. I will advance the new Senior Services Division, improve staffing in public safety, deliver great schools, support job growth and protect taxpayers.

What is one thing that you would do differently than your challengers?

I will continue to provide stable, honest and professional leadership that delivers results. Promises made are promises kept. I have a proven track record of accomplishment including lifting teacher salaries to ensure the best teachers and staff in our classrooms, building needed schools, parks, libraries, and roads, supporting innovation and the creation of 5,500 net new jobs over the past three years so more people can live and work here and delivering services for our growing population of seniors including saving Citizens and Montevue. I will protect taxpayers and keep our AAA bond rating. I deliver leadership you can trust.

How do you plan to work with people with views different than your own?

As County Executive, I represent all the citizens of Frederick County. All of my key initiatives include a citizen steering committee to bring a diversity of opinions, perspectives, and experience to the table in addition to an open, public process. I consistently include people who hold different views than my own and believe this results in greater community consensus and better problem solving. I have a long and productive track record of working in a non-partisan manner with the county council to get things done for the good of our whole community. The best ideas come from listening to people.

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Name: Jan H. Gardner

Political affiliation: Democrat

Age: 61

Occupation: Frederick County Executive

Married? Children? Married to John H. Gardner for 35 years; three adult children; one grandchild

How long have you lived in Frederick County? 26 years

List any relevant experience serving the community:

  • Frederick County Executive, 2014 to present

  • Frederick County Commissioner, 1998-2010

  • Frederick County Commissioner President, 2006-2010

  • Rotary Club of Carroll Creek

  • Served as a board member to the Frederick County Public Libraries Board of Trustees; Frederick County Planning Commission; Frederick Arts Council; Frederick Community Action Agency; Frederick County Tourism Board; Citizens and Montevue Board of Trustees; and, Frederick County Fire Advisory Board.

  • Represent Frederick County at the Maryland Association of Counties; President in 2007

  • Represent Frederick County at the Washington Council of Governments, 2014-present

  • Girls Scout Leader for 5 years

  • PTA officer and County Council of PTA Legislative Chair

Campaign Information

Website: www.jangardner.org

Phone: 240-405-8180


Facebook: Jan Gardner for County Executive 2018

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